Thank you HVAC Specialties Inc. for providing excellent service in the cleaning and repairing of the heating systems in our 4 schools located in Labrador including Jens Haven Primary School in Nain, Amos Comenius Memorial School in Hopedale, B.L. Morrison in Postville and Northern Lights Academy in Rigolet. These systems have had long term problems over the years. Many attempts have been made by various other companies to fix these ongoing problems over the years. Still they continued to exist. HVAC Specialties Inc. was hired to clean the system as it was thought to be the root of the problem. While the system was very dirty and required cleaning, Clyde Smith determined this was not the cause of the problem. He went above and beyond and was able to diagnose the long standing problem with system operations and corrected them at no additional cost to the School Board. He provided us with an intensive cleaning of the systems and rectified the existing problems. Our staff was trained to more thoroughly understand the heating system so that future problems could be identified and corrected before they became much larger.