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Improve System Performance


HVAC Specialties offers water treatment services to such as  chemical cleanings for fouled and corroded piping systems, new installations, cooling systems on marine vessels, and systems that have issues with heat transfer or flow restrictions in general.

We specialize in heating and cooling system treatment and offer third party lab analysis of heat transfer solutions to verify treatment performance.

If you need a heating or cooling system cleaned, or if you want the best protection for your system, Please do not hesitate to Contact us  

Air Handling Unit Modifications

HVAC Specialties offers the following services for air handling units :

  • Eliminate Snow and Water from entering the unit

  • Solutions for wild fire smoke and other gas phase contaminants

  • Eliminate air bypass around filter banks

  • Filter track replacement

  • Installation of GPS Air Needle Point Bipolar Ionization Equipment

  • etc.


Energy Saving Additive Services

HVAC Specialties offers an energy saving additive that can be installed in any hydronic heating/cooling system in minutes

Give us a call (709) 895-5151


  • Save up to 15% on energy 

  • Significantly Reduce Green House Gas Emissions

  • Improve Heat Transfer

  • No system downtime and can be installed within minutes.

Copper Silver Ionization 
Cell Cleaning & Replacement

Monthly Cleanings of Chamber Cells is required every 4-6 weeks.


  •   HVAC Specailties offers Monthly  Cleanings of Chamber Cells

  • Replacement of Consumed Electrodes

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