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Electric Radiant Ceiling Heating Systems

Designed to provide maximum comfort at the absolute lowest cost, there is no wasted heat using our Electric Radiant Ceiling Heating System. Installation is simple: electric gypsum panels fit between the ceiling joists above the finished ceiling. A gentle curtain of warmth is then spread evenly throughout the room, now free from drafts and dust. The system is completely concealed. This means no interference with furniture or decorating schemes since there are no radiators or registers to get in the way. And no streaked walls, drafts, or burning dust on hot pipes or registers. A direct transference of clean even heat from object to object – without fans, pumps or hoses – silent, motionless, and invisible. Our Electric Radiant Ceiling Heating System also eliminates cold and hot spots throughout the environment. In fact, the temperature variant from ceiling to floor is only about 1° C (2° F). Electric Radiant Ceiling Heating System is frequently used in homes but is also perfect for Condominiums, Townhouses, Apartment Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools and Nursing Homes. Whatever the need or challenge, we can meet your individual demands. Mr. Darrel Peterson, a Custom Home Designer with Christian Home Designers, Minnesota, USA, claims that every time a prospective client realizes the savings they can achieve with a Electric Radiant Ceiling Heating System home, he’s made another sale. “An Electric Radiant Ceiling Heating System homeowner can expect to pay roughly two-thirds of the cost of what they would pay for hot water in-floor heating and about half the cost of maintaining and running it. It is wonderful product that has helped increase business and actually affect design in our market. People are now rethinking their designs in foyers, kitchens and bathrooms. This would not have happened without the trust and belief in a product that delivers much more than heat.”


Electric Radiant Snow Melting Systems

Reduce Your Risk of Slips and Falls Each year, there are over 300,000 Emergency Room visits and over 12,000 fatalities related to slips and falls due to ice and snow. According to Zurich Insurance, the average general liability claim is $15,132 and the average worker’s compensation claim is $29,056. We all recognize the importance of effective snow removal plans. Unfortunately, Mother Nature often has other plans for winter weather that will overwhelm even the most diligent efforts to shovel, plow and use salt and other chemicals. With our Snow Melting System, you can prevent slips and falls by melting ice and snow before it accumulates and freezes. Our Snow Sensors monitor moisture and temperature to detect when ice or snow is imminent, activating the system and keeping walkways free and clear of ice and snow until the conditions subside. Keep your building entrances, sidewalks, walkways, steps, ramps and parking lots clear of ice and snow for your guests and employees to reduce your liability this winter.

Earth Thermal Storage Heating System 

Earth Thermal Storage is perfect for basements, slab-on-grade construction, solariums and sun rooms, industrial buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, aircraft maintenance hangars, malls and car and truck facilities. Installation is fast and easy, providing warmth with no hot spots or drafts. The system is clean, creating no smoke or soot. And it doesn’t take up valuable floor space. Ray Stoodley, Lead Electrical Engineer for Bay Newplan Group Ltd., Newfoundland, Canada worked on Melville Hospital’s Earth Thermal Storage installation. “Earth Thermal Storage System is easy to install and well-suited to maximum demand control. Operating the system is a simple matter of turning it on in off-peak times then using the energy you store during expensive periods. We’re talking days’ worth of storage so the money you save is enormous! There’s no equivalent to the Earth Thermal Storage System.”

Architectural Series

A heating system should not interfere with the beauty of a well-designed building. Our Architectural Series System complements the design of a building through appearance and performance. It solves the common problem of trying to balance heating needs with fresh air requirement. Separating the heating system from the ventilation system, you can now balance both systems properly. Often one side of a building is either too hot or too cold because the central heating system cannot be effectively zoned. The Architectural Series System can be zoned to maximize comfort and minimize operating costs. The system is made up of a series of panels that can be connected to our Comfort Controller, allowing complete management over the environment levels for every office on every floor. The result is a more comfortable workplace, without wasted energy.


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